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In order to comply with our quality standards see below for our company policies.

Warranty Terms
All sales are final.  Unless otherwise specified, units with 'serviceable' 8130-3 or Form One tags that are less than 1 year old will carry a 90-day warranty.  Most units in 'overhauled' condition will carry an extended warranty through their respective repair stations.  Any extended warranty must be negiotated at the time of sale.  All other units sold by Worldwide Aerospace hold a 30-day warranty from date of shippment.  

All warranty work must be done through Worldwide Aerospace using our RMA.  Any repair work done without our prior consent will not be covered under warranty.  Worldwide Aerospace reserves the right to refuse warrany on items that show signs of abuse, improper installation or if warranty stickers have been unsealed or removed.  

It is the sole responsibility of the shipper to insure packages once they are shipped, FOB Fort Worth.  Worldwide Aerospace is not responsible for packages damaged in transit by shipping companies.
Exchange Agreement
In a standard exchange, buyer agrees to return an acceptable core to Worldwide Aerospace LLC within 30 days after the date of invoice. In order for the core to be acceptable, the following stipulations must be met:

1)  Core must have been removed from a non-incident related aircraft.  A non-incident statement with trace must be available on request.

2)  Core must not have been previously disassembled.

3) The core must be a like unit to the exchange part.

4)  The core unit must be able to be certified to the condition of the original exchange unit that Worldwide Aerospace provides to buyer.

5)  The cost to repair/overhaul the core must not exceed 75% of the original exchange price or additional above repair costs will be billed back to buyer.

All cores must be returned to Worldwide Aerospace Ltd. within the time stated above to avoid any additional billing.  Exchange cores over 30 days are subject to invoicing.

If the core has suffered physical damage, catastrophic failure, needs cost prohibitive parts not routinely replaced during overhaul or is lacking any mandatory modifications, the Customer agrees to pay for the cost of these items, in addition to the exchange price.

In the event that core unit is not acceptable and/or cannot be economically recertified, buyer agrees to one of the following options:

1)    Provide a substitute core for evaluation, or
2)    Pay the stated core charge in addition to the exchange fee, or
3)    Pay the excessive repair costs in addition to the exchange fee

Payment Terms
Transfer of ownership for products sold by Worldwide Aerospace does not begin until payment is received.  Forms of payment for customers without Net terms are either bank wire transfer or credit card.  Normally, we do not charge bank or credit card fees.  Worldwide Aerospace does not accept COD check payments.  
Regular customers who have bought 5 times in a two-year period are eligible to apply for Net-30 terms.  Please contact your salesman for more details.
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