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Below are examples of our focus manuafactures and product lines:
-Airshow in-fight entertainment systems
CTLXX, CTL4000 Control Units
-ALT55B, ALT1000 Radar Altimeter
-TDR-94D Transponders
-Military ARC-159, ARC-182, RT-1556, ARC-210 Communication Systems
-GTN-650, GTN-750 Touchscreen GPS
-Mutlifunction displays
-Weather and traffic awareness systems
-ART-2000, ART-2100, RDS81, Primus Weather Radar Systems
  -SG-705 Symbol Generators, FZ-706 Flight Computers
  -KHF-950, KHF-990 HF Systems
  -ED600, ED461, EFIS, KRA405, KRA405B Radar Altimeters
  -AN/APN 209 Military Radar Altimeters
  -HD-128, CNX-100, CNX-200, EMS Satcom Communications Systems
-Dedicated data recorders
  -Flight Data Acquisition Units
  -Air Data Sensors
-RDR 1400, RDR 1500 legacy Honeywell radars
  -Legacy Series III Honeywell avionics
  -RDR 1600 Airborne multi-mode radar systems
-UNS-1(X), UNS-1Fw, Ew, Lw, Flight Management
  -Integrated Cockpit Displays
  -CVR120,CVR120R, Cockpit Voice, Fight Data Recorders
-CVC-151, VC401B, VHF/FM Comm radios
  -Multi-Band Comm radio systems
  -Audio Panels
  -Integrated Flight Deck Systems
-AN/ARC-164 UHF Airborne Radio
  -AN/APX-100 (V) IFF Mark XII Transponder Set
  -AN/APX-72 (V) IFF Transponder Set
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